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    Red Face Design Your Own Citizens of Buena Vista Street

    The concept art we saw only featured four characters, but undoubtedly they will feature more soon. I just thought this would be fun and all ideas are welcome. I think my favorite part is really the naming.

    Jacques Croissant: A disgruntled artist labeled as the "Straightest stick figure painter on the street". He would often loose his head when another "citizen" criticizes his work. On the other hand his is great for face painting and that's one thing he can do with the guests.

    Pancho Hombre: A worker in the Los Feliz Five and Dime, he is the street peddler often trying to sell people what is left over from the store at a "bargain prince" ranging from small watches to the sheer ridiculous like "genuine T-Rex hide shoes".

    Sammy Dylan: Red Car driver often feeling like he is going to loose his job, he would go to guests saying things like "Hey boss fancy meeting you here" and would interact with the guests. He would call Pancho "Moustache" and would keep bragging about how he takes him Sergeant Drille and Officer O'Reilly to "the cleaners" every Saturday at their Poker games.

    Pam Keaton: girlfriend to Sergeant Drille and often will tell guests about how she is "related" to the silent film actor Buster Keaton, she is very independent (only when Johnny's around) and works in the Fiddler, Fifer and Practical. She plans to join her boyfriend and go to Hollywood to wait on people at the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

    Sergeant Johnny Drille: A leftover idea I had for the Citizens of Hollywood Sergeant Drille is a Gomer Pyle like army Sergeant who is on his way to Hollywood to work in war pictures. He is very quick to tell a joke and is often the loser in his Saturday night poker games.

    Officer Patrick O'Reilly: A traffic officer at the square he is sort of the happy go lucky type and is known to make a symphony on his whistle. He is one of the newer faces and is always happy to meet a new friend.

    Otto von Bahn Bonn: I know what your thinking and I know this character already exists. This is a younger version who just came to California to make his movie dreams come true. At this point he is sausage vendor trying to sell some his his fathers products and is still the same guy we've come to know as everones favorite "film director un genius ack, zank you".

    Well feel free to post your own ideas and here's hoping for a great BVS unveil, I envy those who are going!!!! HAVE FUN!!!

    Note: I tried to be a little ethical with these characters and I mean absolutely no offense to anyone of any race

    "THAT'S R

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    Re: Design Your Own Citizens of Buena Vista Street

    I really don't have any ideas I can think of that are actually original. Just cliches like the farm girl off to Hollywood to make it in pictures, and the like.
    The film agent. Mostly ideas I stole from Disney studios.
    But I love this idea for a thread, and I hope others with more creativity than I will join in.

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    Re: Design Your Own Citizens of Buena Vista Street

    Quote Originally Posted by SparkChaser View Post
    The concept art we saw only featured four characters,
    What Concept art are we talking about

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    Re: Design Your Own Citizens of Buena Vista Street

    Quote Originally Posted by chechire cat View Post
    What Concept art are we talking about
    An Entertaining Cast of Characters for Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure Park Disney Parks Blog

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