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    What would you have liked in the lagoon of Paradise Pier in the daytime?

    I don't know if it's even possible considering World of Color is in the lagoon and such but I think it would of been cool if they had something like a mini Aquatopia from DisneySea to be in the lagoon or at least to the side of it in the day time. The queue could be where the Jumpin Jellyfish and Golden Zephyr is. It's a nice lagoon to look at in the day but I wish it was used for something before night time. What are your ideas of something in the lagoon?

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    Re: What would you have liked in the lagoon of Paradise Pier in the daytime?

    It's definitely not possible to put a ride anywhere near the fountain platform, let alone on top of it, as it only lowers so far down, so I'm not sure anything could ever really go in the lagoon. I wouldn't find a little fountain work during the day, but the platform it very ugly under sunlight, so it's probably not worth it.

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    Re: What would you have liked in the lagoon of Paradise Pier in the daytime?

    I think they should add a boat ride. The water really could use some activity during the day. I think they could fit a track behind the platform that went from one end of the bay to the other. I also think some use of the aquatopia tech could be made into a better attraction for DCA, I think a Donald attraction could be cool and would fit the new PP theme well.
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    Re: What would you have liked in the lagoon of Paradise Pier in the daytime?

    I just want the waves back. Reinforce the WoC fountain structure instead of investing that money into a ride that would take away from the view of the water/boardwalk feel.

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