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    Anyone willing to trade Carsland Tickets?

    Yesterday, I won two one day park hoppers for Disneyland and DCA through the Coke disneyland promotion.
    I was excited, however, I am already going in June and have already bought my tickets
    so these aren't really useful to me.
    I would be willing to trade and pay money as well for the carsland tickets if somebody has them and is willing.
    Because I am already going on june 14th so it would be very useful to me

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    Re: Anyone willing to trade Carsland Tickets?

    Count me in as someone who would dearly love to go the media day. If anyone would love to help a long-time poster and Disneyland fan to spare one of their tickets to the event I can tell you there wouldn't exist someone who would be more appreciative then me!!

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