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    Marvel and Disney: Fun People vs. Theme People

    All right, so I'm still stinging from Raffi K's insinuation that "theme people" and "fun people" are two separate groups. Then suddenly I realized that a similar culture clash is at the heart of the Marvel/Disney debate.

    Please understand I don't mean this satirically at all.

    Theme person: "Why are they playing non-period music in Ghost Town?"
    Fun person: "Because it's fun!"

    Theme person: wants to be transported to another world
    Fun person: wants the ride to be fun any way it can be

    Theme person: "But it doesn't fit into the world of ______!"
    Fun person: "But they can make it fit!" OR "But ______ doesn't fit either and it's over there!"

    Theme person: DL
    Fun person: Marvel
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    Re: Marvel and Disney: Fun People vs. Theme People

    This is really reaching.

    Personally, I wouldn't want a Marvel attraction unless it was well themed. Who said that whatever Marvel attraction that may or may not be built in the future would be lacking in that department? If anything, it should be considered EXCITING that Disney has the opportunity to herald these stories and characters in the same way they've been able to do so with their original properties AND acquired properties. I'm not a fan of comic books, but I'd totally support a Marvel attraction because, as people have brought up, it's no different than Pixar's presence, Star Tours or Indiana Jones.

    I think your post should be "People Who Like Marvel vs People Who Don't Like Marvel." That's really what it boils down to. Marvel will never be Disney enough for some, just how Pixar isn't Disney enough for some.

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    Re: Marvel and Disney: Fun People vs. Theme People

    This is profoundly insulting and I'd like to say things that I've already been chastised for saying. So I'm just going to leave it at, your lucky you didn't say that to my face.
    The Mickey audience is not made up of people; it has no racial, national, political, religious or social differences or affiliations; the Mickey audience is made up of parts of people, of that deathless, precious, ageless, absolutely primitive remnant of something in every world-wracked human being which makes us play with children’s toys and laugh without self-consciousness at silly things, and sing in bathtubs, and dream and believe that our babies are uniquely beautiful. You know…the Mickey in us.
    -Walt Disney

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    Re: Marvel and Disney: Fun People vs. Theme People

    Uh, support of one doesn't necessarily mean a lack of support for the other. Just as a well-themed area can be fun, a person who wants something fun can also want something to be well-themed. As you pointed out, they don't have to be two separate groups at all.

    It really seems unnecessarily divisive to say things like that. :S

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    Re: Marvel and Disney: Fun People vs. Theme People

    I don't know what the point of this thread is besides to hide the fact that the only reason you are against Marvel attractions is because you don't like them. And that's ok...just say that instead of 'accusing' people of not caring about theme or whatever. You're trying to place yourself in some sort of superior grouping because you feel like you care so much about Disneylands integrity....there's no reason DL can't have both it's classic feel AND exciting new attractions.

    Maybewe should create new categories...close-minded and open-minded

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    Re: Marvel and Disney: Fun People vs. Theme People

    At this point, regrettably, this thread is locked. The Marvel discussion (if it has a place in Disney's existing parks, where such could be well themed and could fit, pro and con views of if the characters should go into the current parks at all) has merit and is being discussed elsewhere already. That discussion and broader topic, however, are not to be used as an excuse to label others negatively/make claims about certain groups of fans for liking a property someone else does not personally enjoy, or to draw a 'line in the sand' between what are deemed 'actual' Disney parks fans and those who someone disagrees with on any number of topics.

    However, this thread (as is already evident) stirs up issues solely designed to turn members against each other and has intrinsic to it a 'argument' of some fans knowing better than others about the parks and what they should consist of. This is not allowed or encouraged by MiceChat at any time. This thread is closed before negativity dominates the thread and spills over into outright fighting. Thank you all for your understanding and remembering to keep MiceChat open and friendly for all points of view, not just your own.
    Thank you for helping to make MiceChat a safe and fun place for everyone!

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