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    Post Costco Disneyland Deal

    Costco is offering (for Southern California Residents, mind) a special play four-days pass for just $119.00:

    Now think about that for a second. If you were to buy the similarly priced ($119.00) Southern California Select Annual Passport, you would have almost half the year blocked out, including most of the summer and christmas seasons.

    Now, if you plan on going more then four times a year, true, this isn't the pass for you, but if you're like me and go a couple of times a year, it's great. There's no blockout dates, and if you actually go all four times (and what self-respecting MiceChatter wouldn't?) you get four one-day one-park passports for the price of two.

    Cool, huh?

    Now I don't work for Costco, just passin' this along to my fellow MiceChatters.

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    Re: Costco Disneyland Deal

    Yeah, that's pretty nice. It doesn't even require you to use them at DCA.
    It's equivalent to four one-day (but only one-park) blockout passes.
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    Re: Costco Disneyland Deal

    Yeah that's a good deal!!

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    Re: Costco Disneyland Deal

    Thanks for the info C33. One note, these are not park hoppers. So you can only visit one park. If you visit two parks in one day, they would count as two admissions.

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    Re: Costco Disneyland Deal

    Also, they are not upgradable for AP's except for the first 14 days after first use.

    They also have your name printed on the actual ticket.

    Costco gives you a voucher, which you must redemn at the Main Entry Plaza Ticket Windows. They will check to see if you have a SoCal ID, then the actual ticket is printed, which includes your name, to prevent abuse. The turnstile CM's have been trained to look out for these tickets and check ID.
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    Re: Costco Disneyland Deal

    I was confused about what exactly this ticket was when I bought one in November. I was taking my Niece and Nephew for their B-days, so I had to buy some extra park tix for their friends. I thought it was a GREAT deal because I thought that you redeemed the voucher for four separate 1-park 1-day tickets... but I goofed and it turns out that it is just one ticket good for four separate days, one park each day (or two parks in one day if you like). So when I found out it was no biggie; I just had to buy extra park tickets that day for the other kids and one kid used the Costco ticket to park hop for the day.

    So, I was left with the ticket which is still good for two more days. I figured it cost me half of the $119 for that days use... which is till cheaper than the $71 (I think) I paid for the 1-day park hoppers I bought.

    Also, what's really good about it (since I found out that I wasn't using the whole thing that day) is that the ticket is good until 11/06/2006 to use the other two days. I was worried it was one of those that ignited an expiration "fuse" on the first day of use and it would be no good after a couple weeks.

    It doesn't bother me to have the ticket left over, in fact I like having a full 1-day park hopper handy in case I need it for any unexpected guests or other family members/friends if the occasion arises. If I don't use it by the beginning of October, I'm going to give it to a friend that I go to GayDays with every year and I'll know he'll appreciate it!

    To sum up, it's a great deal in certain situations for particular uses... just be smarter than I was in figuring out the best way to use it.

    Post Script:

    I just noticed in the above posts and the description through the link above that it's supposed to be used "by the same person on any and all days" and that it's "non transferable." Huh, add another thing that I didn't know about the ticket and that WASN'T explained to me when I redeemed the voucher. I was buying multiple tickets at the ticket booth when I redeemed the Costco voucher, and I also told the CM that I had my own Premium AP. When I gave him the voucher he just said "What's your name?" and I told him and he printed it on the ticket! I just thought it was for ID to help if it was misplaced or stolen. He did NOT ask "What's the name of the person using the ticket?" and he also did NOT tell me that it had to be used by the person who's name is printed on it.

    But here's the kicker: I gave it to my niece's best friend to use for the day and she had no problems at all going in and out of both parks. I seriously doubt that they'll try asking for ID's at the turnstiles, so I'm really not too concerned about giving it to someone else to use. If they try to give me any trouble when I give it to my friend... I'm gonna just tell them the story of what happened when I redeemed it: that I was asked my name and they printed it on the ticket. It looks pretty dumb for the CM to tell me to have MY name printed on it when I've had my own AP since 1989!
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