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    Smile Pictures from The Mad Tea Party & Carthay Circle 5/25/2012

    So im loving the mad tea party!!!! So much better than Electronica, so much variety, two stages *that I noticed* with alternating live band and DJs with some hip hop style dancers and interesting shows to watch. Something for everyone and the arcade is way more fun! Carthay Circle Is looking GREAT! The new DCA is looking to be well worth the wait, and the annoying construction wall maze!!

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    Re: Pictures from The Mad Tea Party & Carthay Circle 5/25/2012

    Wow cool, looks fun! Can't wait til mid June for this.

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    Re: Pictures from The Mad Tea Party & Carthay Circle 5/25/2012

    Ohhh I would like to think those are ghost orbs from the past, from the vintage premiere of Snow White, haunting the new building BUT I'm sure they are just dust and/or water on the lens. Rightttt?

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    Re: Pictures from The Mad Tea Party & Carthay Circle 5/25/2012

    Yup, most likely spray from the fountain. Glad I'm not the only one that looks for orbs in pictures.

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    Re: Pictures from The Mad Tea Party & Carthay Circle 5/25/2012

    Those are obviously ghosts, no other explanation. Either that or ancient aliens...

    Looks cool. I thought though, that there would be search lights on it at night (like in the artist conceptions), like they had at the premiere. I guess it might be annoying for those inside. Maybe just for special events I suppose.

    Anyone have pics of the fountain at night?

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    Re: Pictures from The Mad Tea Party & Carthay Circle 5/25/2012

    I thought the open parts at the top of the tower would light up at night. Maybe they don't have all the lights on yet?

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