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    Re: DCA - Buena Vista St & the Red Car News Boys

    I like techo, trance, house, dance music etc, in its proper setting.

    But that video... uh... no. If you are going to try to use "period" type of music you can "jazz" it up without adding a heavy, throbbing back beat to it. Maybe when it goes live it will be different. But if this is the final version I'll most likely walk on by rather than taking the time to stay and listen and watch personally.

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    Re: DCA - Buena Vista St & the Red Car News Boys

    That's just painful to watch. And more painful to listen to. Why? Who? How do these bad decisions get made and actually make it out into the park? What's next, the Dapper Dans doing hip-hop? Please Disney, just STOP trying to be hip. You will never, ever be hip. But it's okay, we love you anyway. Also, it hardly seems worth taking this already low-capacity attraction offline for a show that actually detracts from the area's theme and atmosphere.
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