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    HM re-opening date

    i'm sure this has been asked before, but i did a search and never really found a specific date, or 'guesstimate' for when the Haunted Mansion will re-open as Haunted Mansion Holiday. all i am able to find out is sometime between mid and late september. the reason i am concerned, is we are going to DLR Sept 12-17, and my 4 year old daughter is the most excited about HM than anything else in the park (kinda creepy, i know! ). anyways, i contacted someone thru the Dland website, and all they told me was they haven't decided yet, etc etc, but it would probably be sometime mid-september. argh. i just want to know (with as much notice as i can) if i should think about stretching the trip another couple of days, or going the following week, etc.
    if anyone knows, TIA!

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    Re: HM re-opening date

    By September 14th the announced start date for this year's Halloween Season.

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