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    Ghirardelli and Matterhorn?

    Anyone in the parks today who can share about the "official" opening of Ghirardelli... also is the Matterhorn soft opening yet? Any possibility it will be soft opening this saturday?

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    Re: Ghirardelli and Matterhorn?

    Ghirardelli has been open since last week (no clue if the "ice cream social" Al Lutz mentioned ever happened). While the shop isn't listed on the map yet, the eatery is in full open mode. Completely guessing here, but this probably won't be updated until the new maps and daily "newsie" handouts roll out on June 15th... Just a word of warning, some guests seem pretty confused by the entrance (going in the exit, exiting at the entrance where the samples are given, etc) and not all the CMs are 100% knowledgeable about the huge menu (a supervisor had to describe some items for me when the cashier wasn't sure) and... the only menu is on paper so be sure to grab one, even if just as a souvenir. I also wish there were better recycling options... all that plastic and paper makes me feel more guilty than those empty calories!

    Matterhorn walls are still up and as of yesterday, still no soft openings. Hope you have better luck than us!

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    Re: Ghirardelli and Matterhorn?

    I was hoping that Carnation might be open by today, too but I'm probably way off. Will check out all 3 items tonight.
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