I see so many teenagers and young people these days getting all upset about the new
"High School Musical", "Hannah Montana" crazes.
Well, they're not new, but let's say in the last 5-10 years.
I'll admit, I'm not crazy about either of these things either.

I always plugged my ears at the Celebrate! A Street Party parade because I couldn't stand the thought of listening to Zach Efron and Miley Cyrus Soundalikes. I groaned and moaned when the parade would come on, and would quickly scurry to my next destination, rolling my eyes at everyone who actually enjoyed it on my way.

Recently, in the last year or so, I've made a change. I realized, hey....it's still Disneyland. It's still the happiest place on earth, the place you've so enjoyed visiting since you were young, and still enjoy. It's going to change over the years, it's not a museum. So why spend time grumbling over the new when you can instead embrace it and have a whole lot of fun?

I sat (and danced) through the whole Celebrate! Street Party last time I visited the park.
And you know what?
I had fun. Shocker, I know.
What's a 20 year old doing having fun listening to cheesy high school musical music? Too uncool.
But that's not the attitude I want to have anymore. That parade was so much fun, getting to see all the cool things people were celebrating and all the reasons that brought everyone there. It didn't matter what movie or show it was based on, I thought it was pretty darn entertaining.

So this is my suggestion to all those grumbling teens and disneychannelstar-haters out there:
Just go with it. You're only going to have as much fun as you allow yourself to. So let loose. Dance at the parades. Celebrate whatever you're there for. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

like they say in the parade,
"we're all having fun, we're at Disneyland!"