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My god, I'm just loving the reviews here! Now some people are saying its the best ride in the resort. WHO wouldve guessed it would be that good? In fact this is the FIRST ride I have heard that people says is better than Indy. I never thought I wouldve heard that before, especially not in DCA lol.

I still think its a shame they couldnt go another step with the other two rides in the resort, but it looks like RSR makes up for it big time! I'm so excited. Hell I'm excited just to stand in the queue lol.
Well.....there were MANY articles were Disney talked about hos the ride was almost an "F" ticket being that it thrills and amazing you with sooo many things it's one of the more technically amazing rides they have ever done.

I don't think this will be my favorite ride (Still love yeah Splash) but the ride will sure be on my top ten list (maybe higher)