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    Even or Odd cars on Indy

    OK, you know how to tell if there is an even number of trains on California Screamin'.
    The placards in the window.
    If the number of trains is Even, then you want to Go up the stairs on the left hand side so that when you exit, you don't have to go up and over the stairs again. If the number of trains is Odd, then you want to go up the stairs to the right.
    Same thing with Indy, but can you tell if they have an even or odd number of cars on the track?
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    Re: Even or Odd cars on Indy

    OOOOOHHHH so that's how it works! I knew their was some method to the madness but every time I thought I was choosing the right one, every once and awhile it'd just spit me back out where I came from so I figured it was random.

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    Re: Even or Odd cars on Indy

    Indy is random. The only way to ensure you leave and come back on the same side is if the CM presses the button (in the case of a GAC party on North Side), or if South Station is closed. That said the max on North, with South closed, is 9 cars. The max on South, with North Closed, is 8 cars. The max on the overall track with both running is 15 cars.

    Now Thunder is another conversation. If they have 4 trains with both stations you will come back on the same side you left on. If they have 5 trains you will come back on the other side.
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    Re: Even or Odd cars on Indy

    Yes, lol I always look at the cards in the window to make sure I get out on the side of screaming' without walking over the stairs. Not because I can't do it, but because I avoid it more as a convenience. Generally on Indy I always choose the left side of the stairs, and usually it brings you back to the side you got on.
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    Re: Even or Odd cars on Indy


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