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    Crazy Insane 36 Hour Media Preview Trip Report (w/ Pics!)

    So I literally just got home from a 36 hour trip to the Disneyland Resort form the bay area for the Cars Land media event that happened yesterday... We had an amazing time so let's see what happened!

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    Left my house in the north bay around 1:00 PM wednesday to pick up the girlfriend from work and then we were on our way!
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    Crossing the bay bridge
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    Got on I-5 and settled in for the long drive. We finally arrived to our hotel around 10 pm!
    Got up and headed to the resort around 7:30 Am, checked in to the event (we won tickets from the ralph's/coke contest)
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    Crowds started to form as we all waited for 9AM
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    While we waited we checked out the really cool maps that were given out for the event
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    Finally we were let in
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    DCA VP Mary Niven heading towards the gates to greet the first guests walking into the park!
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    Everyone making a beeline straight for Cars Land!
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    It was a media madhouse in Cars Land with TV, Radio, and many other media outlets all set up and shooting and broadcasting live all around us. First up was Luigi's Flying Tire, we wanted to get that out of the way before the lines formed. Man was this a slow loader, and finally after waiting a few ride cycles we finally got on only to have to wait 15 mins for a TV crew to set up and do take after take of its hosts getting ready to ride! Well we finally got started and overall the ride was fun, got going much faster than I thought but there is huge room for improvement, all in all the weakest point in an overall exceptional land. After Luigi's we headed back to BVS to get some Starbucks!
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    Look Imagineer Lisa Girolami was in line in front of at FF&P!
    after that we checked out the other BVS shops and I was blown away by the level of detail especially in Elias & Co! Our friend
    who happened to be heading down to the DLR with his family then met up with us and when reentering DCA we were stopped by a reporter for the OC register and were interviewed about our impressions of the new additions... they even quoted my GF and friend

    Walls come down at Disney California Adventure | california, disney, thursday - Entertainment - The Orange County Register
    After the interview we headed back to Cars Land and got in line for RSR! Don't know why the marquee was only qouting a 10 min wait... it was more like 30-40! Oh but was it worth it!!! RSR has quickly become one of my top 5 rides at the DLR! The level of detail and the animatronics are really mind blowing! It is the perfect mix of dark ride and thrills! Great job WDI!
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    After another spin on RSR... this time on single rider with no wait! we headed to Flo's for some lunch. I got the pork loin with mashed potatoes and baked beans... the pork and mashed potatoes were really great... didn't care so much for the beans, just tasted like bbq sauce IMO. I also got the apple cheddar pie which was pretty good. Overall great food and no super expensive. So after lunch we only had about 20 mins left before our time slot for Cars Land was over so we went over to MJJ!
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    There was absolutely no line for it and it thought it was a lot of fun. Those trailers really whip you around. I liked it much more the LFT! Well our time in Cars Land was then over, I think Cars Land is one of the best themed areas WDI has ever done, you really feel transported to Radiator Springs! We had a great time! After we had to leave Cars Land we spent the rest of the day enjoying the rest of the park as every single attraction including TSMM, GRR, TOT, Soarin, and CS were all walk ons! It really was one of the best days at DCA I have ever had. With these new additions it has truly come into its own and can now proudly stand as full day experience. We were all highly impressed with both BVS and CL! We parted ways with our friend and left the resort around 6:00 PM and saw the very beginnings of the overnighters out on harbor (Good Luck to any mice chatters that might be reading this while waiting! It will all be worth it soon!). We had such a great whirlwind of a trip and can't wait to come back in two weeks to experience it all again with much more time to soak it up!

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    Re: Crazy Insane 36 Hour Media Preview Trip Report (w/ Pics!)

    i love those maps

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    Re: Crazy Insane 36 Hour Media Preview Trip Report (w/ Pics!)

    Love, love, love the maps!!!

    Thanks for sharing I'm glad you guys had a good time and got to experience it
    ...After a YEAR I finally was able to figure out my password again! I'm baaack! Woohoo!(:
    Disney is my life <3
    Thank Walt for all he did! <3
    Future Imagineer <3
    Keep Disney the way Walt intended it!!

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    Re: Crazy Insane 36 Hour Media Preview Trip Report (w/ Pics!)

    cool thanks for sharing

    "We believed in our idea - a family park where parents and children could have fun- together."

    -Walt Disney

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    Re: Crazy Insane 36 Hour Media Preview Trip Report (w/ Pics!)

    Since everyone seems to love the map I did a full scan of it so you can check it out... the image links to my flickr where you can see it full sized!

    MapFront by Jonathan E Sanchez, on Flickr

    MapBack by Jonathan E Sanchez, on Flickr

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