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    Re: Citizens of BVS? Your Thoughts?

    Quote Originally Posted by Juni View Post
    I'm curious if anyone has had any interesting interactions with any of the Citizens? I only ran into one when I went Sunday, (the girl on the messenger bike) and although I tried to seem open to interaction (big smile, nice hello), she just said Hi and looked away.

    Do they just randomly decide to interact with people? Do you have to initiate it? I've never done disneyworld so I've never dealt with the Citizens idea before.
    I might be able to offer *some* insight. I have worked Renaissance Faire since 1998 as an unpaid volunteer. Most of the interactions I do is *similar* to what the citizens of BVS do. However, since they are paid professionals and I'm an amateur, there is a great deal of difference. I am speaking from *my* experience. So take this with a grain of salt.

    I'm assuming Disney is still using many of the techniques originated by Gary Izzo who first brought this type of interaction to Walt Disney World. (If you are ever *really* interested in this his book while out of print can be found here: (I would kill to see these characters "sheets" as described in the book) (Interestingly enough Gary originates from faire)

    These type of interactive characters are built on needs, virtues and foibles.

    Often much of the interaction is based on these, does the audience member/guest have something the character needs? It could be the way you stand, something you are wearing...

    A interaction could be that you are the "type" that the character and actor interacts with best. I play a poet. In this capacity I am looking for guests to "woo". I've built other "roles" into the character as well, but most often this is my target.

    Another trigger is how open is the guest to interaction. The actors pay close attention to the attitudes of their audience. A person refusing to give *any* eye contact may only be given a small test interaction. The character may try harder if the guest is shy and gives quick eye contact.

    Hostile interactions are generally kept short, as a fan you *might* want to help by giving the actor an exit if possible :-D

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    Re: Citizens of BVS? Your Thoughts?

    I know the officer gives out tickets/citations. I saw him once give out tickets to a group of kids because they didn't move their car (referring to the car in front of Oswald's Gas station). They kids were actively interacting with him and joking with him so it really helps to not be shy. My personal favorite is the photographer lady. I know she's played by different actors but the character itself is just more fun to interact with.

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    Re: Citizens of BVS? Your Thoughts?

    I didn't see any citizens when I went. One woman handed me a newspaper but I guess I just didn't notice any of these citizen characters.

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    Re: Citizens of BVS? Your Thoughts?

    The Citizens leave the street just before the Newsboys show, and also just before the parade. They return following each of these shows. So if you didn't see any of them, chances are you were entering the park around showtime for the Newsboys.

    I have seen the police officer do a whole song and dance set, that was pretty cool. I haven't really talked much with the lady with a dog or the photographer but they both posed for photos for me. The messenger is hit or miss. They randomly seem to stop and interact with someone, but if someone comes up to them and asks if there's a package or what have you for them, the messenger seems to ignore that. It really seems random as to who the lucky one to get a telegram is. Also the messenger is in the newsboys show and so if you try to interact with them at that time, obviously you won't have much luck.
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