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    Carsland Pictures & Video

    Ok, so I know most of you have been watching the internet for anything to do with Carsland. I thought you might like a few more pictures and some video that we took this week.

    Welcome sign to Carsland
    Name:  IMG4017-L.jpg
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Size:  175.0 KB

    Sign on the side of the Curious shop
    Name:  IMG4034-L.jpg
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Size:  202.3 KB

    Look at all the people, very hard to walk.
    Name:  IMG4108-L.jpg
Views: 152
Size:  125.1 KB

    Flo's V8 Cafe
    Name:  IMG4045-L.jpg
Views: 156
Size:  90.0 KB

    Cozy Cone Motel
    Name:  IMG4038-L.jpg
Views: 153
Size:  91.3 KB

    Mater's Junkyard Jamboree
    Name:  IMG4102-L.jpg
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Size:  172.2 KB

    Lightning McQueen came driving out!
    Name:  IMG4060-L.jpg
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    Name:  IMG4064-L.jpg
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    Entrance to Radiator Spring's Racers
    Name:  IMG4067-L.jpg
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    Radiator Spring's Racers
    Name:  IMG4071-L.jpg
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    Luigi's Flying Tires
    Name:  IMG4086-L.jpg
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    Red was out taking pictures!
    Name:  IMG4101-L.jpg
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    Lots more pictures of Carsland and Buena Vista Street can be found here:
    Carsland & Buena Vista Street (June 19, 2012) - bassett1976's Photos

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    Re: Carsland Pictures & Video

    Sorry, couldn't get the video to link correctly and forgot to change the title of the post...

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