I have to agree with nearly everyone here! I too rode the new bobsleds thinking it was going to be a smoother, better ride, but instead felt like I was being tortured through most of it.

And yes, the real culprits are the front rows, 1 and 4! I'm 5'8 and even for ME, my knees were up to my face. I rode the front row the first time and between trying to figure out where to put my hands (it was too cramped for me to put them inside the handrail), trying to just get comfortable with the cramp space and my butt feeling more sore than a spanking I use to get from my grandmother in grade school for not doing my home work, it was just an awful experience. I couldnt figure out WHO could ride these things for months and think the average guest would feel comfortable in them?

But then oddly my friend who was sitting behind me and well over 6 feet didnt seem to have a problem with it. I couldnt figure out why?? It seems like it would be even worse for him. But the second time we did it, me willing to give it a second chance, got the third row this time and figured out there was more leg room in the other two rows and just being able to STRETCH your legs does make a bigger difference. And you could brace yourself for all the bumps making it a bit less painful unlike the first row where you are just locked in basically.

So on my second experience I did like it better, but it didnt feel any less bumpy than the old bobsleds and the front rows even worse! The single seat is nice, but honestly I usually sat by myself anyway and had LOTS of leg room. Yes, capacity issues I understand the change, but everything else, ie actual enjoyment of the ride, didnt improve or even made worse! Again, how could these things be tested for YEARS and no one seem to catch on to the fact they feel worse than the old ones, not better? I will still ride it, but will avoid the front rows like the plague.

OT: They are really making a Matterhorn movie? Learn something every day!