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    What is the earliest we might hear of new projects at DLR?

    I know the DCA relaunch just happened and we got two spectacular new lands out of it, but I'm a design/planning/construction fanatic, so I'm always interested in what comes next.

    What is the earliest date we might hear of new projects? D23 Expo is next year, right? Are there any other events before that? Will Disney just enjoy the post-Cars Land/BVS excitement for the rest of the year or will they get us thinking about the future as well?

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    Re: What is the earliest we might hear of new projects at DLR?

    Well as Al has stated a few times, there was going to be an announcement relating to DL that was scheduled for last years D23, but was cancelled at the last minute. We know something is going to happen, and I would put my guess in for an announcement at next years D23, giving them just over a year to see how the parks preform with attendance and guest satisfaction.

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    Re: What is the earliest we might hear of new projects at DLR?

    I think they'll announce something soon, they'll probably have a whole display for it in the WDI forum by D23. They like to spread things out and they actually rarely announce something new when they want the media focused on something now. I'd guess early next year, just because it will be a quite time when it will get more media attention. That would also be a good time because they can announce it as further improvements to DLR due to the success of DCA.
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