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    Re: Why is the DLR not complying with supply and demand?

    if Disney really does have a TON of Tron merch laying around, I need to find it! Some of that stuff goes for crazy money on Ebay to people who bought Tron pinballs.

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    Re: Why is the DLR not complying with supply and demand?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sir.Mouse View Post
    This situation is still less of a travesty than say having warehouses of unsold John Carter merchandise or bins of untouched Tron toys.
    While there is a monetary loss to these items not selling, the lack of the Cars Land merchandise is a potentially bigger problem. People seeing the generic merchandise will not only presumably not spend as much, they will also remember that experience. Those returning may not come back right away, assuming that it is still just the same stuff sold everywhere. This impression would only be strengthened if it really is going to take some time to restock the merchandise. The potential dollars lost is also probably greater than the non-selling merchandise, as there is plenty of mark up.

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    Re: Why is the DLR not complying with supply and demand?

    I agree and hear ya lazyboy97O. Not being able to restock until this Fall is a MAJOR blow. Just when things were going so well, another shoe drops. One has to wonder, if Disney can't restock until Christmas how much merch did they end up ordering/selling?!

    I wonder if they had an enough to last until the end of summer but it sold out abnormally fast.

    Either way, the DLR is mostly a locals thing, and the locals are pretty well informed; fancrazy or not. So word could spread that things were hot sellers and Disney may walk away with some good publicity. Also, DLR hasn't had a ton of unique land/theme park specific items in a while and that hasn't stopped the crowds from coming.

    What drives me crazy is that people really want those tire hats! Really? And those cone cups too! The world of creating and selling merchandise is very strange to me. You're simultaneously responsible for creating the demand, and yet it's virtually impossible to know what's going to be popular, crazy.
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