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    Re: People Mover Removal

    Quote Originally Posted by Coolwowzer View Post
    Pixar Made the PeopleMover in Wall-e and still no PeopleMover, I always thought a Wall-e themed Mover would do well but its a bit outdated these days.
    There was also that people mover-type thing in the Incredibles, but that one was going around a tropical island like Adventureland!

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    Re: People Mover Removal

    in the future aren't there supposed to be all sorts of people movers and electric transportation gliding around cities on elevated walkways? If they totally remove the People Mover track, and don't replace it, then tomorrowland will look more like just a collection of buildings, like Epcot's future world.
    The funny thing is, Epcot's Future World was also designed to have a people mover. You can still sort of see the path for it in the Innoventions ceiling.

    Quote Originally Posted by Algernon View Post
    The Peoplemover was a great place to sit down and relax when you were hot and tired on a hot summer day, while still going on a tour and seeing the sights. If they tear it down, when Virtual Reality finally comes about, I intend to go back to a previous version of Disneyland--when all the good stuff was still there. I know some people like change for the sake of change, but some things are just fine the way they are. Otherwise, let's redo the Mona Lisa and slap a pair of Air Jordan's on the Little Dutch boy.

    By the way--will real theme parks survive the home Virtual Reality entertainment center?

    Google Glasses are just the start. It's coming...
    I read a satirical article that predicted that the holodeck will me mankind's last invention and the end of society. After all, once we can create anything we can imagine in a realistic virtual world, who would want to do anything else?
    It bothers me when people selectively edit quotes to support whatever point they are trying to prove.

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    Re: People Mover Removal

    Quote Originally Posted by johnnylately View Post
    I see people referring to OSHA as objecting to the ride. Just a reminder, OSHA would only object to issues with Disney Cast Members (the "O") Safety and Health (the "S" and "H"). Is someone saying that OSHA finds the ride unsafe or unhealthy for Cast Members to work on? I would think that there are several rides that fit that description.

    As far as visitors, there are several other bureaucracies that have jurisdiction (building codes, fire marshal, health department, DOT), but OSHA, not so much.
    Actually, it is OSHA that controls here. From the CalOSHA website:

    The Division of Occupational Safety and Health, better known as Cal/OSHA, protects workers and the public from safety hazards through its Occupational Safety and Health, elevator, amusement ride, aerial tramway, ski lift and pressure vessel inspection programs, and also provides consultative assistance to employers.
    In this case it is the lack of emergency egresses that is causing the problem.
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    Re: People Mover Removal

    And no railing to keep people from falling when evacuating to exits
    Im here for fun and info not be a bully! Carsland here I come

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