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    Project Sparkle (Disneyland Version)

    Before the 50th we saw a massive effort to clean up and beautify the park, with some changes happening recently as well (Matterhorn, Food Stands Rethemed, Jolly Holiday Bakery, Main Street Facades). Now while the park looks awesome everyone has opinions about how to make the park look better. What would you change astatically?

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    Re: Project Sparkle (Disneyland Version)

    Lets see...well I'd say the 3 lands that needs the most about every way are

    Tomorrowland - though it has gotten a redo 13 years looks so dated...that it mocks its own name
    Toontown - Just live less in so many area...and so many empty buildings
    Frontierland - the rivers are GREAT....but the place to me does not feel like an old Western town...more like a theme park trying to make an old town.......needs to feel more like Main street or New Orleans

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    Re: Project Sparkle (Disneyland Version)

    In Tomorrowland repaint all of the facades with bronze, gold, and brown paint to silver, blue, and white. Also, take the observatron down. In Fantasyland, replace the ugly Alice in Wonderland circus tent safety rails with nicer permanent ones.

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