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    Glow with the show ears

    Is it possible to purchase the ears that were used with this show without being an "AP" to use on there own or with the show at a different time.


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    Re: Glow with the show ears

    Yeah, they sell them in the stores. They will work with the show, I believe. Someone confirm.
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    Re: Glow with the show ears

    Yep! Anyone can buy them at anytime! The promote it mainly to the APs since obviously they go to the park multiple times a year and can really take advantage of them for WOC and other shows. But they are fun just to flash on their own when you are not around WOC.

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    Re: Glow with the show ears

    I was really impressed with those ears when I saw them in action. It's really cool how they sync with the show. I'm still trying to figure out how they do it. I believe they're $25? When you're not around WOC, they slowly flash and change colors. They're not the cutest hats to me in the daytime, but at night they sure are a sight!

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