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    WOC Picnic Packages

    My mom and I are going to Disneyland in October! So, first of all, do they show World of Color every night in October? And second, has anyone done the picnic? Is the food good? Is the seating the same as the fastpass seating, or is a better, less crowded area?

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    Re: WOC Picnic Packages

    The food is good and gets you into a good zone but they are the same as fast pass just more convenient. The food while good is more snack size then meal for most people! I do recommend though.
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    Re: WOC Picnic Packages

    WoC should run nightly as normal. There are some rumors suggesting it will need a big rehab that could come in the Fall but I would guess if this happens it won't be in October when DCA absorbs guests leaving DL for Halloween parties.

    You do not get seating, but do get FPs for the Yellow area with the WoC Picnic Package. It's important to arrive early and get a spot along the rail and to the left of the viewing area putting you near the center of the show with nobody obstructing your view. You can get Yellow area FPs for free as well.

    The food for the price is ok. Like Mick Daddy I find it tasty but not filling. It's about a right size lunch. You can pick them up from 11:30am to an hour before the first showing of WoC that night.

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    Re: WOC Picnic Packages

    I got a yellow FP with my WOC Picnic Package. I don't even remember which meal I chose, because I honestly nibbled on it and then decided it wasn't worth finishing. But I'm glad I also got a cool re-usable bag with the WOC logo.

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    Re: WOC Picnic Packages

    Skip the picnic meal thing. Just get a fastpass in the morning and have a nice dinner somewhere. I personally find the picnic meal a gimmick and waste of money.

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