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    Unique Ride System -- How Could It Be Used at the Disneyland Resort?

    Not only does the ride vehicle move and pivot in this patented ride system, but a projection screen on an independent track can follow the ride vehicle and move and pivot as well. What possible attraction designs could possibly utilize this system?
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    Re: Unique Ride System -- How Could It Be Used at the Disneyland Resort?

    I suppose this could be used for a Wall-E attraction. All of the humans in the movie sat in those chairs with screens in front of them.

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    Re: Unique Ride System -- How Could It Be Used at the Disneyland Resort?

    Avatar, perhaps. That's sort of my go-to guess for every new Disney ride system patent that comes out. Avatar and later perhaps Tron. Otherwise it's probably just like 80 percent of the other ride system patents Disney files, pieces of development that never make it into the picture. We saw that with an RSR patent that involved two cars linked together on a rotating boom, enabling them to change lanes around each other with no collisions possible.

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    Re: Unique Ride System -- How Could It Be Used at the Disneyland Resort?

    Looks pretty cool
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    Re: Unique Ride System -- How Could It Be Used at the Disneyland Resort?

    This sounds like Forbidden Journey in Islands of Adventure...if that's the case, a Wall-E attraction would be really cool so we could get the whole ship-outta-whack feeling on a grand scale without having to build a giant moving platform. But it'd have to be heavily supplemented with real sets or it'll be really underwhelming after a while. The only thing I can't work out right now is the story for this ride--why are we back on the Axiom? Why do we go up just to return to Earth? How do we avoid the Star Tours feeling of "oops, something went wrong, back home we go"?

    Basically, I can only really see this working in Tomorrowland or Fantasyland where you're flying around somehow. This would be an amazing thing for Tomorrowland to get it back on track. We don't even need to attach characters to it if we had a solid storyline. I'm thinking we're space adventurers entering a new world and perhaps we find an alliance alien race or take a wrong turn through fantastical forests or cities where we avoid robots and hover cars. That sort of thing.

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    Re: Unique Ride System -- How Could It Be Used at the Disneyland Resort?

    Not really a new idea in principle. Horizons used this... Forbidden journey uses this kind of concept too.

    It's not really something where you say 'what story/theme works with this'

    It can be used for almost anything
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    Re: Unique Ride System -- How Could It Be Used at the Disneyland Resort?

    I'm really not at all a huge fan of rides with projections. Spider-Man is exempt, but I thought the portions of Harry Potter with the projections was stupid. I go to a theme park for a physical experience, not to watch a movie.

    I do like the Wall-E idea that was mentioned above though. It would be alright with me if this was implemented in a thematic way, or a way that aid's the experience rather than being the experience. A way that wouldn't try to hide the fact that you are looking at a screen.

    Ill use a ride that already exists to show what I mean, Men in Black. The part of the ride where the other vehicle gets scanned, the screen could move along with the car and provide a scanning effect sorta similar to tower of terror of the other vehicle.

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