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    Stretching Room Portraits Names

    my friends and i are trying to figure out all of the names of the people in the stretching room portraits. i know one is supposed to be constance and the tightrope girl, but the one we cant figure out is the one with three men, and thats my favorite, so if anyone has some more knowledge than me, please inform me of their names. Thanks!

    oh, and im looking for somewhat official names. i know that they were given names in the comic series but those are not the ones im looking for.
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    Re: Stretching Room Portraits Names

    I used to call the one sitting on the grave "Fay". . . I named her after Fay on Wings. . . it's because the name on the grave is "George", and a running gag on the show was the fact that Fay had been widowed 3 times, each one named George.
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    Re: Stretching Room Portraits Names

    Theres information about the names on this wiki

    Hope it helps.
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