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    Re: No theme song for Carsland or Radiator Springs Racers?

    Quote Originally Posted by CMinParadise View Post
    No, the car named DJ from the movie (one of the party cars that causes Lightning McQueen to get lost) comes out a few times a day and has a little dance party with a few cast members. One of the songs is "Life Is a Highway"
    Oh, nice! I hope to see that next time I go to the park! The song should have been on the soundtrack then, in my honest opinion.

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    Re: No theme song for Carsland or Radiator Springs Racers?

    Quote Originally Posted by filmfreak11 View Post
    I hope you know Mater's Junkyard Jamboree plays more than one song for that attraction...

    I will agree the track for Luigi's, Flo's, Ramone's were not necessary. They could have done something else. But how can you not appreciate that 9 out of 13 tracks are complete originals?
    Yes indeed I knew Junkyard Jamboree utilizes several different songs, but including so many of them on the CD just seemed redundant and more a use of filler than an intentional selection.

    I do appreciate original tracks at all times but they're so "not" typical Disney magic, you know?
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