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    Who can ride RSR?

    Can a person with lower back problems ride RSR? Does it take sharp turns too fast? How about acceleration, does it jerk you back? Thanks.

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    Re: Who can ride RSR?

    I was glad to see your question. That is a problem in my family. One member couldn't ride Test Track. I look forward to the replies.

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    Re: Who can ride RSR?

    It has all of the usual warnings posted.
    You do get some air time on the hills, and when you come down you'll feel some positive G's. I imagine if you can't take compressions on your spine then you would not want to ride.
    It is overall a pretty smooth ride though. way easier on your back than Indy.
    I hope you can experience the fun.

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    Re: Who can ride RSR?

    My experience is it just isn't too different than riding in a car. Some starts and stops, but no real G-forces. I have a heart issue, but RSR is no trouble for me.

    As always, err on the side of caution, if in doubt. It's a great ride, but still just a ride. Maybe ask your doctor about it.

    This is always a concern for me when they build a new attraction. Lately I see them focusing on thrill rides for the new "E-tickets", and it makes me sad when I think that I won't be able to experience some of these. Fortunately, RSR isn't too fast for me. Hopefully it won't be too fast for most people.

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