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    Re: Redoing the Space Mountain queue...

    An ascension to a space station via an elevator would be very easy to simulate since the vehicle would, conceivably, maintain a relatively-constant velocity.
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    Re: Redoing the Space Mountain queue...

    Quote Originally Posted by pineapplewhipaddict
    I can deal with the inside queue, since you pretty much run through the whole thing.

    What I don't like is the outside portion. As stated above, if you're in Stand-By, it's not a very fun experience.

    I keep wondering why there is that gigantic area of a painted landing platform and there's nothing else there. I've always felt that, to entertain the kids, something could be put in this area...I like ah shucks' Jedi ideas...otherwise, I'd place a rocketship (like the old Moonliner) there, and then some sort of planetary play area that kids would be allowed to climb on and play in. As for the older audience who would be standing in line, there could be a t.v. stationed here and there, showing footage of miscellaneous sci-fi movies, or maybe Disney could get a hook-up with the Discovery Channel and put on shows about space and such (or perhaps they could go out on a limb and make a video of their own). Also, there would be more covering in that area to protect poor guests from the elements...not enclosed on both sides, however, so parents can keep an eye on their kids.
    That'd be great, but then the view of Space from the ground would be ruined. We already have that awful HISTA "Imagination Institute" sign ruining the view and photos.

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    Re: Redoing the Space Mountain queue...

    How about to make you fell more like you're in a space port they put up some fancy looking metal detectors and a couple of baggage screeners and they make you take your shoes off?

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