Ok, since the rumors of the nemo ride going away are rampant, lets throw an idea around for what should be put there to help on upgrading a new tomorrow land. I am one that really doesnt want to see another space themed attraction come around. You might as well call it Space Land if that happens. I know space is a futuristic idea, but lets expand ideas beyond space.
If they take out the subs, why not keep the lagoon around and put an underwater tunnel and walkway in. Add sum ocean creatures to it and make it a learning experience. There is as much to learn about our ocean as there is space. As a Disney Sea life type experience right there. We could live in an underwater city just as easy as on the moon or mars.
Besides if any one has ever been to an Aquarium, we all know how much people like sea life. Add sharks and fish. Maybe add some shows or educational spots where you can touch the sea life. Have an area where you can show the new discoveries oc the ocean. I think it would be a huge hit. Could be a small sea world exhibit with a Disney touch! So much you could do with this idea. I just dont want to see this awesome water feature to go away. You could even add the new Crush Coaster from Disney World right there to split the fantasy/ tomorrow land theme just like the Matterhorn. What do you guys think?