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    Smile WHat are the new Songs played in Radiator Springs?

    I actually miss the old songs played at the Sun Wheel.... sure they needed more than a 12 song rotation and hearing California Dreaming in Stereo so that you only heard the singer on the left side of the street... but the retort was all the way on the other out of earshot was kinda spooky.


    I enjoyed making a playlist of these songs and would like to do the same for Route 66 at Radiator Springs?

    Can You Help me? What are the songs, in what order and by whom? I know there is a few Chuck Berry and Johnny Cash.... but there are more.
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    Re: WHat are the new Songs played in Radiator Springs?

    I have heard the Beach Boys "Little Deuce Coup". So glad the Beach Boys are not completely gone from the park now that the Sunshine Plaza is history.
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    Re: WHat are the new Songs played in Radiator Springs?

    I created a Cars Land playlist on Spotify: The Music of Cars Land
    If something is missing let me know and I'll add it!

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