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    Re: Removing the Mickey Wheel

    Quote Originally Posted by swampymarsh View Post
    MFW is a design based of old Ferris Wheels including the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island, which still stands.

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    You're right!

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    Re: Removing the Mickey Wheel

    Quote Originally Posted by Malina View Post

    And yeah, as said, I didn't get the feeling that Paradise Pier as a whole was EVER based on Luna Park or any of the other Coney Island or Rockaway pier parks (the so-called "New York Fun Fairs")...I thought it was modeled after the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and such. The pier amusement parks were huge here in California back in the day.
    This is an unfortunate misconception, that PP was based on a specific place. like Luna or Coney. It is a similar misconception to the belief some pass around about Main Street USA being a copy of Marcelline. PP is a GENERIC representation of beach boardwalks from a general era of American history. Just as MSUSA is a generic homage to small town main streets of a certain historical era, so PP is a homage to those places. Is there some Luna and Coney Is. there? Sure, undoubtedly, but it is not "modeled after" any specific place.

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