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    Newer park music

    Can anybody suggest ways to purchase some of the newer DL/DCA theme park music? iTunes? Or even any internet radio stations that play a good selection?

    I have the classics (original fantasmic, HM, Pirates, Splash, etc.), but looking for WOC, Carsland, Star Wars 2, BTMRR, Indy, current parade, etc. Prepping for a big family once in a lifetime event, and we're out of state, so can't buy in person. Looks like park has been stingy lately with releases. I may try the library or order from park if anybody can recommend any worthwhile CDs.

    Thank you!

    (Did a quick search for previous threads on this. Please point me to any if I missed them.)

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    Re: Newer park music

    Sadly, only one of the examples that you mentioned has seen its own official release, and that's Cars Land. There's a fun soundtrack featuring various background music, five of the songs from Mater's, and a complete ridethrough of Racers. I would try ordering it over the phone. WOC, new Tours, and recent parades haven't really been released yet, though you can find bits of Thunder (and almost all the music from Indy) on older park soundtracks.

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    Re: Newer park music

    I wish I could remember the online station I found that streamed music from The Park. If find it, I"ll be sure to post it.

    Pandora has a Disneyland station option, though I have yet to listen to it. I usually stick with the Disneyland Holiday station or make a station based on a specific Disney song.

    Good luck in your music search!
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