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    Re: Which DLR/DCA rides do you get a FastPass for?

    The rides with the longest waits... it varies from day to day and time to time... but usually when we go wait times don't warrant FP very often, i.e. I like to ride when I want to ride, not when they say I can.

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    Re: Which DLR/DCA rides do you get a FastPass for?

    I try not to use Fastpass that much . If I do, I usually get a Fastpass for Space Mountain the most this summer.

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    Re: Which DLR/DCA rides do you get a FastPass for?

    When I usually go I never use a fastpass. But when I go a lil later in the year than usual I usually get them for Space Mountain and Tower of Terror. Basically any ride that doesn't have a single rider.

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