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    What should we do first?

    We will have early admission to DCA on Monday, September 10th. We really want to make sure we get a chance to ride on RSR. Should we just get in line first or get fast passes? We will have our grandparents with us and they won't be able to stand waiting in line for too long of a time. Thanks for your advice!

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    Re: What should we do first?

    You could go straight to rsr but it may or may not open on time or at all during early entry. It's a risk you could take. Another option is to hit the rest of the park during that's literally EMPTY and you could get all other rides out of the way, then send someone to hop in the fast pass line before the park opens so they can beat the regular entry guests who will start at the end of the early entry line for fp

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    Re: What should we do first?

    I would ride Luigi's Flying Tires first.

    If RSR is open it will maintain a short line the whole EMH. If it's closed LFT will build a long line very quickly.

    If RSR is closed you risk standing in its line for a long time. If it is open you can ride it next.

    I would also ride RSR with FP ideally in the late evening or night. For about the last 15 minutes of EMH you can get in the RSR FP line ahead of regular guests, and will have a FP by 15 after.

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