View Poll Results: How many Disney resort phots do you take each visit?

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    2 3.77%
  • Less than 50

    11 20.75%
  • 50-100

    6 11.32%
  • 100-500

    17 32.08%
  • 500-1000

    9 16.98%
  • 1000 or more

    8 15.09%
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    Re: How many pictures do you take each visit?

    I normally take between 500-1000 pics on a visit. I take time to myself to go into the park, take my time, and snap some of the "extras" that most people overlook.

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    Re: How many pictures do you take each visit?

    We take hundreds of photos, but the best Disney memories are the videos we made when the kids were young. One trip to DL, I created a storyboard that the Disneyland version of Candy Land had cards that would take you from our living room to various lands at DL, and we'd magically appear there. Gets more fun to watch every year!

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    Re: How many pictures do you take each visit?

    This thread reminded me to buy my photopass plus deal. I think I will really only be taking pictures of details and things I haven't noticed before, because the standard photos will be in that stock CD I get.

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    Re: How many pictures do you take each visit?

    Probably 50-100. I've been to the park so many times, it seems like overkill to keep snapping pictures of the same stuff. I'm definitely a photo pass fan, though, since it is usually the only way to get a good quality group photo. I usually take random videos of little things in the park that I love, like the newsreels in the Indiana Jones queue, the laughing place section of Splash Mt., and the clock room at the end of Pinocchio.

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    Re: How many pictures do you take each visit?

    When last we visited Disneyland we were around 800 photographs over five days, which seemed like a lot until I realized there were lots and lots of things we just didn't capture on film!

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    Re: How many pictures do you take each visit?

    Sure, I've got a lot of shots of the park, but there's always something new that catches my eye, or from a different angle. And of course, Carsland is still new to me, so lots of opportunities there! I'm planning to bring a second memory card for that day.
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    Re: How many pictures do you take each visit?

    my las big visit was at least 300.but i can fill a whole memory card in less then 1 hour anyway..

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