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Thread: AP pin question

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    Question AP pin question

    I posted my question on the Pin Trading forum, but seeing that no one has posted there for a month, I don't think I'll get my answer in time. I'm going to DLR tomorrow to go pick up the new Lost Key limited edition AP pin. My question is, which store in DCA sells those specific pins? Or will I have to go to Disneyland to get it? Thanks guys.
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    Re: AP pin question

    My understanding is that the major pin trading locations carry special pins like that. The only I can think of is the Embarcadero outside of Ariel's Undersea Adventure, but if in doubt, check Elias and Co.

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    Re: AP pin question

    Go to FLy n Buy in front of soarin. They usually carry the limited edition pins.
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    Re: AP pin question

    Also, Pin Traders in Downtown Disney carries the limited edition and special issue pins.

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