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    Carsland Touring Plan?

    First time going to Carsland and so excited!

    How should I go about doing all three rides at Carsland?

    Do fastpass for RSR still run out quick?

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    Re: Carsland Touring Plan?

    Yes they are still being run out pretty quick. I would grab a fast pass for Racers, jump onto Luigis and then Maters and then go back and hit Racers during your fastpass time. You can always do single rider on racers as well.

    Wait times avg. this past week
    Racers: 75-120 min.
    Racers Single Rider: 10-20 min.
    Luigis: 40 min.
    Maters: 15-25 min.
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    Re: Carsland Touring Plan?

    I was there last week and once had to wait 40 minutes in single riders, this was unusual though. Most of the times it was really about 15 minutes

    And yes, be there a few minutes before park opens. Get the FP for RSR (they are not in Carsland! They are left before bugsland entrance), ride Luigi, Mater and then use your FP for RSR.

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