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    What is the best advice that MiceChat ever gave you?

    When I was researching all about Disneyland for my first trip there in 2005, I stumbled upon MiceChat and joined the site. I also kept reading another site that I had previously used for WDW trips. They had a Disneyland section, but I really wasn't getting very many answers there.

    Well the trip was fast approaching, and I was pretty confident with the information that I had read on MiceChat. I joined here in April, and my trip began on July 16, 2005. By the time I actually left on my trip, I had made some friends on MiceChat, and I had a good feeling about the MiceChat community.

    I remember how MiceChat was reporting about how people that arrived early were going to be let into DCA to wait. Basically it would help with crowd control in the esplanade. The 50th was a huge deal, and many many people were scheduled to show up. I remember reading about the golden ears, and the birthday cupcakes, and many other special things that were planned for that day.

    I visited my previous website, and looked for confirmation about the DCA plan. I remembering reading there how that was just a rumor.

    Well, I left for my vacation, and spent an absolutely perfect first day in the park on July 16, 2005. I was traveling with 4 other people, and we decided to follow MiceChat's advice. We made sure to get to sleep early that first night. We left our Hotel, The Hilton Anaheim shortly after 5 a.m, on July 17th. I remember being amazed at how many people were there in line when we arrived. It was still dark out, and I was glad we have a picture of that moment, thanks to another person standing in line, who took our picture with my camera. We were given wristbands and escorted into DCA. As we went into DCA, we were given golden ears, and special anniversary park maps. The placed was packed, and as the sun came up you could see all the people wearing those golden ears.

    We made it into the park just before 8 a.m. that morning, walking past thousands, who were standing in front of the turnstiles.

    I guess they didn't read MiceChat.

    That was the best advice that I ever read, and followed.
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    Re: What is the best advice that MiceChat ever gave you?

    Wow, what a great memory! I wish I had been there for the anniversary. I too have learned a lot from the time I've spend on the MiceChat boards. I have learned so much Disneyland history from people like Steve DeGaetano, noticed details I never would have thanks to Andy Castro, and been prepared for good and bad news by Al Lutz.

    I learned about how FP works, which rides are connected and disconnected from the system, on MC, and I sure have USED it lots to my own enjoyment in the last 6 years. That might be some of the best advice that I've used.
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