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    Disneyland Through the Eyes Of a 3 year old.

    Collin my nephew is three years old and LOVES Disneyland! We like to think we trained him well This isn't Collins first trip to Disneyland, that was when he was 6 months old. It's more like his 4th trip. Collin loves watching Disneyland fun and A Day at Disneyland and then get his Disneyland map out and plan his trips. He loves Disneyland! This is a special trip however it is 2 firsts for little Collin. This trip is without mommy and daddy, instead with grandpa and grandma. The 2nd first is that this is the first time Collin will be able to go on some "Big Kid Rides" that on the last trip he was so sad he had to miss out on them.
    Collin and Papa when they enter Disneyland!
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    A tradition for Grandma and Collin is to ride the "BIG BOAT" (Mark Twain)
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    Collins Favorite ride no matter how many times you ask... The Train! Collin is crazy about trains! And his Favorite
    "The Disneyland Train"

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    "I want to ride the "Fast Train" AKA Thunder Mnt. And Boy did he want to be tall enough! He knew what he had to do (in his mind) TIPY- TOES! He was tall enough even without tipy-toes He was sooooo excited!
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    Then Splash Mountain. Newbies in front! hehehe He was soaked! (He Loved it! all Smiles when he got off)
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    Best Collin Question on the trip.... "Grandma those are bad monkeys! They better turn that jeep back over before mommy sees!" He then went on to ask through out the day if the jeep is turned back over... he was worried. Got to love a three year old

    Stay off the road! He Got his license!
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    Then it was what we were all waiting for, a trip into his favorite movie!
    Carsland! He was so overwhelmed he didn't know what to do! He loved the racers most. I was glad to know he was tall
    enough to ride it.

    The cutest pic of them all!
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    Pure Happiness!

    On the way back home to Arizona I called Collin and asked him how his trip went he told me " Have to come home now Disneyland is closed" lol Things you have to tell a three year old so he won't get upset when he has to leave his HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH Till next time he will just have to plan out his next trip

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    Re: Disneyland Through the Eyes Of a 3 year old.

    Thanks for sharing! What a great story.

    We had a similar story with a friend's 3 year old. He kept asking about the red eyes ALL DAY from Matterhorn.

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    Re: Disneyland Through the Eyes Of a 3 year old.

    So cool.
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