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    Re: What is the Highest Recorded Temperature at Disneyland? And could it be broken to

    I wonder what if any changes in operating procedures the Disney co has when the temps are in the 105 to 110 range?

    I know at Universal they have their queue lines covered and they all have misters they turn on when its in the 90's and they also set up cooling stations where they have big fans and misters and shade througout the park plus allot more drink and ice cream stands out.

    I also wonder if there could be shut downs of certain rides during the peak heat hours? I can see the canoes being shut down and in DCA luigi's tires etc etc.

    Also could some attractions be affected by the heat? Certain materials expand at different rates in high temps, when you are dealing with temps never before reached unknown conditions could arise.

    And what would they do if it went over 110 or 115? these are temps that the human body cannot withstand for more than 30 or so minutes at a time?

    Just wondering, maybe even they dont know what to do in this scenario since its never happened before.

    I know after a major quake they will shut down rides and possibly the park for inspections.

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    as of 12:41 the Weather channel website has Anaheim currently at 103 degrees and it won't be the hottest time of day for another hour or two...

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    Re: What is the Highest Recorded Temperature at Disneyland? And could it be broken to

    What i find funny is i walked out of my house thismorning at 7:30 to come to work and thought wow how nice and cool it it is out here got in my jeep and the temp read 81 i do beleve tis has been a hot summer here in az

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