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    Fantasmic/World of Color and really really tall people.

    Going on a once in a decade trip to Disneyland next week from Australia. So I really want to catch Fantasmic and World of Color. Ideally right up the front for the best view.

    However I'm Michael Jordan sized so if I stand at the front I'll probably block a whole lot of people's view. And I don't want to have my fun at other people's expense.

    Is there anywhere to stand or sit that I can see everything and be close to the action but not too much in people's way? Against a wall or something?

    Will getting one of those dining/dessert packages help?

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    Re: Fantasmic/World of Color and really really tall people.

    Let me start off by thanking you for being considerate. I am 5'5" and have been stuck behind super tall people several times and it definitely is no fun. I applaud your effort.

    A dining package would probably help if you're willing to spend the money because it would give you the opportunity to sit down and watch the shows. Other than that, the "wet zone" for World of Color is an option because you are down below the main crowd and are closer to the water. For Fantasmic I would suggest just getting there early enough to sit in the seating area right on Rivers of America.
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    Re: Fantasmic/World of Color and really really tall people.

    While I'm not Michael Jordan sized (hehe) my boyfriend and I are both really tall (I'm 5'11" and he's 6' 2") so we try our best to be conscientious to those behind us. For Fantasmic what we usually end up doing is schwooping for the second show after the fireworks are over and they've cleared the area. This way you have less of a chance that there will be really young children ending up behind you who wont be able to see. Plus this way we get up close and personal, and when that close and low to the ground when sitting height doesn't affect those behind you quite as much from what we've seen.

    For WOC, since you are standing, it is a bit trickier. I usually end up having to stand on my tip toes to see over the parents that are holding their children on their shoulders. Some of the most fun I've had for WOC is in the splash zone, and since you are lower then the rest of the audience and closer to the water you don't have to worry about blocking anyone

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