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    405 closure Sept 29-30 affecting trip to DL?

    We planned a trip to Disneyland to arrive from the Bay Area on Sunday evening Sept 30th. I just heard the 405 will be closed that weekend! I plan on taking the I5 all the way down. However, does anyone know how traffic will be affected heading into DL from the north? I heard last yr, everything went ok.

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    Re: 405 closure Sept 29-30 affecting trip to DL?

    You won't encounter closures, but traffic could be bad.

    Last Carmageddon, everyone stayed home and there was no traffic anywhere in LA. That was very nice (especially for me who had to drive across town to get to work).

    This time, people might be trying to drive around since last time it was so empty. But taking the 5 is not too close to where the closure is, so I think you'll be safe from horrible traffic. It might be a little worse than usual, but I don't think it will be anything like the area around the 405 (and yes, I have to make it to work again during that weekend from one end of the closure to the other).

    Also, by Sunday evening, everything should be open again. Last time, they opened everything back up hours ahead of schedule.

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    Re: 405 closure Sept 29-30 affecting trip to DL?

    We were in DL during the last Carmageddon and made it home in record time! It usually takes us around 3 hours but we made it in 2 1/2. We will be down again during this latest closure, so it will be interesting to see how it goes. We will need to get from Anaheim to Costa Mesa for the Orange County Children's Book Fair on Sunday and then home that night.

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    Re: 405 closure Sept 29-30 affecting trip to DL?

    I'm pretty sure traffic will be closer to normal since last time everyone actually did what they were supposed to to help out and stayed off the roads. Word got out how sparse traffic was that weekend.

    Well 90% sure it'll be like normal this time. :-P

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