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    First week of January in the park?

    I know many of the these boards have been made, but I need a quick answer of how crowds are January 3rd to the 6th. My family may be going those days, but I just wanted to check with you all before they book the trip.

    Sorry about making another board, I just need to know before we go and only get on 3 rides and wait in hour-long food lines.

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    Re: First week of January in the park?

    Usually after New Years the crowds lighten up. However with New Years Day falling on a Tuesday this (or correctly next) year it may mean that it will remain busy/busier until the end of that weekend if people have time off and schools don't start back up until after that week.
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    Re: First week of January in the park?

    There is a boy's volleyball tournament at the Anaheim Convention Center. Anaheim Convention Center

    Don't know how large that group is.

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    Re: First week of January in the park?

    When we went last year those were our exact dates and we had a great time. Crowds were down, holiday decorations were up, we loved it! We did everything we wanted, several times over. It is a great time to go, or at least it was last year
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    Re: First week of January in the park?

    Local schools don't go back until January 7 (in my neighborhood, anyway), so it could be crowded with locals. However, SoCal and SoCal Select APs are blocked out until the 6th and 7th, respectively, so that should help things.

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