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    Re: L.A. Times: "Top Ten Theme Park Rides We Loved and Lost"

    I'd like the following back...
    America Sings - although some of this went into Splash Mtn, correct?
    Bear Country Jamboree - loved the big female bear swinging over the audience singing her sad song.
    Knott's Bear-y Tales - so much better than the Dinosaurs that replaced them, such a bad decision.
    Knott's Haunted Shack - yes, I never understood why they removed it, there's plenty of room there for it.
    Knott's Wacky Soap Box Racers - everytime I pass the area where they used to be I comment on how much I miss them.

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    Re: L.A. Times: "Top Ten Theme Park Rides We Loved and Lost"

    I dont know about you guys but I personally loved the E.T. ride in Cali. It used to be my favorite ride back when I was a little kid, granted I was too chicken to ride Jurasic!
    I agree that Disney has been lacking in innovations with their new rides but do you guys have any examples of how you would like the older rides to be revamped? Maybe making the Mine Train a little more adventurous with more interactive scenery?
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    Re: L.A. Times: "Top Ten Theme Park Rides We Loved and Lost"

    Quote Originally Posted by bigcatrik View Post
    If you're a little bit older then the Soap Box Racers were a lesser version of a real lost Knott's jewel - The Cycle Chase. You sat (somewhat precariously) on a motorcycle and it went 10 mph *faster*.
    I LOVED The Cycle Chase!!!

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    Re: L.A. Times: "Top Ten Theme Park Rides We Loved and Lost"

    Here's what I miss from the past in our local theme park world:

    - The Carousel of Progress
    - The Country Bear Jamboree
    - The CircleVision Theatre
    - The original Carnation Ice Cream Parlor
    - The original Disney Gallery (upstairs at New Orleans Square)
    - Live musical stage shows (like "Beauty & the Beast") at the Fantasyland Stage
    - The Main Street Electrical Parade (ON Main Street USA)
    - The Tahitian Terrace and their Polynesian luaus.
    - The giant walk-behind waterfall at the Disneyland Hotel.

    - The pre-coaster Knott's Berry Farm (especially the tranquil Lake of Reflections area)
    - Knott's Haunted Shack
    - The old lake (with rowboats, ducks & a carousel) that used to be where Knott's northeast parking lot is now.

    - Japanese Village.
    - Marineland of the Pacific.

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    Re: L.A. Times: "Top Ten Theme Park Rides We Loved and Lost"

    I had almost forgot about Japanese Village, and it is hard to believe there used to be such a terrific marine park right on the bluffs in Palos Verdes. (Who can forget Orky & Corky and Bubbles the pilot whale?)

    I concur on the pre-thrill park version of Knott's, although the park right after the Roaring 20's Airfield opened had a magic all its own.

    Although many of the long-gone attractions were truly grand experiences (see all of the lists above), often it is the moment in time and not the quality of the attraction that we miss most. Wouldn't it be nice to go to Magic Mountain (no Six Flags!!) and be able to ride old standards like Mountain Express, Swiss Twist, Eagle's Flight or even the boring Galaxy again?

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