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    Re: Club 33 Question

    Quote Originally Posted by FlynnRider99 View Post
    Also, I'd rather be upfront about my desire to eat at Club 33. It'd be kinda weird if I became friends with a member just for that. Though I'm very friendly and have enjoyed all the Disney fans I've met in the parks from online, I've never been someone's friend for any alterior motive before. Maybe one day I'll just luck out and become friends with someone who is a member by happenstance.
    You could. I did. I became friends with a couple, got to know them, visited the park with them several times, before I commented I had wanted to take my kids to C33 for their birthdays. I wasn't aware they were members. So, no, don't get to know people here simply to go to the club, but get to know people here as we all have a common interest. Maybe you will make a friend, only to find out they are a member.
    If you see a cute yellow lab puppy with a yellow cape, WAVE! It might be us! (Or it may be someone else that lurks here!) Thank you for asking before you pet! Next trip, Dec 22-Jan 3rd.

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    Re: Club 33 Question

    Quote Originally Posted by FlynnRider99 View Post
    I figured as much. But again, can't hurt to ask.

    The VIP Tour might be a route. Napa Rose isn't an option, because she's not a foodie (like me),

    I don't know what this means or what it would have to do with having a romantic dinner at a high class restaurant to ask that "special question."

    Anyway, my wife and I had our 20th Anniversary dinner at the Napa Rose and it was outstanding. Far better food than the Blue Bayou, especially lately.

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