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    Re: Anyone was maleficent at the halloween party tonight?

    Quote Originally Posted by Experiment 626 View Post
    I personally feel for a hard ticket event that "ALL"(at least 90%) villains should be out,not just the bread and butter ones.
    As loathe as I am to say it, the HP at WDW is better than DL. Almost twice as many characters for M&G, 13 villains, plus more in the parade, the parade itself...

    I just wish DL would up their game, they hit it out of the park in '10

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    Re: Anyone was maleficent at the halloween party tonight?

    Yeah this year it's been a let down. Lets see who we have so far from people that has been there.

    REG./Every day villains

    1. Capt. Hook
    2. The Queen
    3. Cruella
    4. Queen of Hearts


    1. Maleficent
    2. Shadow Man
    3. Lady Termaine
    4. Jafar
    5. Anastasie
    6. Drizella

    So far not to many rare villians have been out and from my count there's been only 10 villians total. If I forgot any place post them here.


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    Re: Anyone was maleficent at the halloween party tonight?

    It just makes me wonder why is it so hard to put more characters out? Many people planned their whole trip to just see villains and seeing ones that they bring out almost every day is kind of lame

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    Re: Anyone was maleficent at the halloween party tonight?

    If they have Big Bad Wolf across the street at DCA I'm surprised they haven't brought him over.

    I was thrilled to meet Maleficent at the party I went to this year, because I'd been hoping to run into her for several years now, but we passed up the others because we'd met them all before. They're great and all but I agree that it would have been nice to see more rare characters out besides Maleficent and Jafar.

    I do think what they have at the Halloween Party is an improvement on the "conjure a villain!" thing they have at the regular Halloween festival area. They have the villains out around Main Street so you can immediately see who's there, and they change them up regularly.

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