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    Re: LOL!!! The "Chew Chew" Train in Bug's Land...

    I hate the entire Bugs Land/Flik's Fun Fair....loved the movie, looooove It's Tough to Be a Bug, but I hate the rides. It was built when my middle daughter was 4...figured it was the perfect fit for a four year old, but she thought it was stupid, and I hated the lines for rides that look cheap and last less five seconds. Plus she wasn't tall enough for the bumper car thingies. Very annoying, as it was the only thing she was really into.

    The really sucky thing? Heimlich is my favorite Pixar character next to Edna Mode. Everyone who knows me, knows I Heimlich. I'm a beautiful butterfly!

    My youngest daughter is now 5....and we've yet to show her the area. I just don't want to ever have to go there ever again.

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    Re: LOL!!! The "Chew Chew" Train in Bug's Land...

    Quote Originally Posted by spacemountain85
    This thread is another opportunity to tell my sad story of having to ride the Chew Chew Train by myself, with no friends, in the rain, with the CMs making smartass comments over the PA system the whole time.
    Wow that is no good..ick.

    My son has loved this ride since he was 10 months old. He is almost 2 now. I want to take him on the bumper cars and I read earlier that they aren't that bumpy? I could take a 22 month old?

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