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    Re: "Please note today Space Shuttle Endevour will fly over the Disneyland"

    IMHO there is to much emphasis on spelling. Not everyone is a good speller and as long as you know what they are trying to say who cares if it may not be correctly spelled. Unless of course on a sign or in public places.

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    Re: "Please note today Space Shuttle Endevour will fly over the Disneyland"

    If the sign was misspelled or not, I am sure those signs, or at least one of them, went to the archive in Burbank.
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    Re: "Please note today Space Shuttle Endevour will fly over the Disneyland"

    I notice spelling errors all the time in online articles these days. I don't mind seeing errors in social media (hey, we're all on our iPhones anyway, right?), but it bothers me when I see egregious errors on CNN and the like.

    But back to the shuttle...

    The Endeavour was named after HMS Endeavour, the ship that Captain Cook used to travel the world and make many scientific observations, including the Venus transfer over Hawaii, I believe. The voyages were significant in that they established the practice of bringing scientists on board. The name was suggested by school children in a nationwide contest. In fact, it was the most popular suggestion.

    So that's the explanation for the British spelling of Endeavour.

    But don't feel bad, Disneyland.

    NASA has occasionally misspelled it, too.

    NASA Spelling Error

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    I totally wanted to keep one of the signs. But then where would I put it??
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    Re: "Please note today Space Shuttle Endevour will fly over the Disneyland"

    Quote Originally Posted by Chesire View Post
    The picture you posted Sorcerer had the word "resort" right under Disneyland.
    Yeah, I suppose, I didn't bring my magnifying glass with me

    "We believed in our idea - a family park where parents and children could have fun- together."

    -Walt Disney

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