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    Pluto Parking Level?

    Name:  Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 5.29.43 PM.png
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Size:  202.4 KBI noticed a few days ago that there is a section for "Pluto" on the parking ticket from the Mickey and Friends Structure, anyone know what that's about? I haven't seen or heard anything about a Pluto lot or level anywhere in the resort.

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    Re: Pluto Parking Level?

    Pluto is BCML (Ball Cast Member Lot)- it's the lot behind the structure that Cast Members usually park in. Sometimes Guests are parked there on peak days (there were a few days this occurred over the past summer). Rather than calling it a Cast Member lot, they refer to it as Pluto.

    Source: I worked in Parking this summer in the Disney College Program
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    Re: Pluto Parking Level?

    yes you see all the other parking lots on a web site called wikimapia
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    Re: Pluto Parking Level?

    we parked in pluto the first day of the summer when all AP's were open in august.

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