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    Tossing Up My Options

    I would be arriving to Anaheim on Friday March 1, 2013 in the early afternoon.

    I am trying to decide if it would be a better option to visit Universal Studios with front of line tickets on the following day which would be a Saturday or to go to Disneyland Californian Adventure which has a prediction that World Of Color will not be showing that night.

    I am wondering if it would be better to go to Universal Studios on the Saturday and then to go to DCA when WOC is showing.

    Would it be a better option to use the park hopper tickets for the weekdays instead of on the weekends?

    Hoping for some answers lol


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    Re: Tossing Up My Options

    You'll be there before schools are off for Spring Break (Micechatting parents will have to confirm that) so weekdays should not be busy at the parks. A lot can change in the next 5 months, though! I'd say plan on going only to one of the Disney parks on Saturday or Sunday, but hitting both parks on a pre-Spring Break weekday would be doable if your goal is to hit all the best rides. If you want to see Fantasmic and fireworks, I don't think they'll be scheduled on weekdays at that time of the year. Why wouldn't World of Color be scheduled for Saturday?

    I don't know a thing about Universal Studios.

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    Re: Tossing Up My Options

    Go to Universal on Saturday, the traffic to get there will be better and I think they stay open later. Plus if you get frount of the line passes you do not need to worry about the lines.
    Sunday will be busy at the DLR, but chances are that the night time will be a little lighter due to people needing the go to work and school the next day and you will get to see WOC and the fire works. I would also get a park hopper for everyday, only because it is very easy to park hop and it is not that much more.

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    Re: Tossing Up My Options

    I'd agree with going to USH on Saturday. I'd tough to say there's a set Spring Break because it seems all the school districts are different with that in SoCal.

    Have fun!!

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    Re: Tossing Up My Options

    Quote Originally Posted by razza1987 View Post
    Disneyland Californian Adventure which has a prediction that World Of Color will not be showing that night.
    Where did you get this prediction? I wouldn't base any decision on it. WoC has been scheduled every night since it started except for a few last winter for some maintenance.

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