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    Re: Extra fastpasses.

    For the most part I will try to offer them to people as I leave. I usually look for either single riders or people who are older.

    There have been a few times late at night when the CM didn't even take the FastPass--on Splash Mountain this happened more than once, until I figured out you really don't NEED a FastPass for Splash at 11:30pm--and those ended up in the ticket album at home.

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    Re: Extra fastpasses.

    I just give them away to people.

    I usually look for a group that has the same number of people as passes I've got to give away.

    Its nice to put a smile on random person's face.

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    Re: Extra fastpasses.

    Quote Originally Posted by PetiteMortKvsh View Post
    but every once in a awhile family looks at me strangely and refuses on to the next family I go.
    Quote Originally Posted by PascalGal View Post
    Only once has someone turned us down (a horrified mom who had never heard of FPs and thought we were trying to con her kids into something illegal!).
    How does someone NOT know what the FP's are? The poor children in these families missed out.

    Its nice to see so many giving them away. I've done it a few times myself because I have a child that changes his mind about riding certain rides constantly and I'm stucking holding 2 FP's.

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    Re: Extra fastpasses.

    Quote Originally Posted by sgtfox View Post
    Fastpass Collection. Duplicates get given away to nice people.

    Attachment 24260
    Pretty cool idea, it never occurred to me to frame them.

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